Smart life compatible devices are those devices that have built-in smart technology and make your life easier and more comfortable. But comfort and ease are not the only advantages of smart living. The best benefits include greater sustainability and also saving you money.

Smart life products are closely associated with the brand name Tuya. You might have seen the Tuya logo or the ‘powered by Tuya’ logo with many smart appliances. So here is a breakdown of what Tuya is and some of the best Tuya-powered smart life compatible devices to make our homes smarter!

What is Tuya and Smart Life?

Tuya is an international company that specializes in producing AI (Artificial Intelligence) and loT products and appliances. Not only do they market and sell smart products, but they also help manufacturers turn ‘dumb’ appliances into smart ones.

The Tuya Smart or Smart Life are applications that help you control Tuya devices in your smart home. Both are separate Apps but have identical operations.

Tuya is based on Wi-Fi standards. They are a large base that enables manufacturers, brands and retail chains to develop one-stop smart home solutions. There are over 90,000 powered-by-Tuya products in the world, and they have headquarters in the U.S., Germany, India, Japan and China.

What’s amazing about Tuya is that you don’t always have to go right out and buy a smart appliance for your smart home. You can also buy a smart chip and install it into your smart devices to make them smart!

Smart Life Compatible Devices

Smart Wi-Fi Ceiling Fan Switch

This is a great smart life-compatible device that is also compatible with Alexa Google Home smart life app control. It has an LED indicator, which you can easily find in the dark, and has sensitive touch.

Outlets Wi-Fi Smart Plugs

These are smart power outlets that can help you make even dumb appliances smarter! With these Wi-FiWi-Fi smart plugs, you can set a schedule to turn on or off electronic appliances such as an electric kettle or humidifier. You can control these plugs via the Smart Life app even when you are not at home.

Dimmers Switch

These are compatible with the smart life app, Amazon Alexa Echo and Google Home Assistant. You can dim lights on or off using your smart device from anywhere you want. You can also time your switches to turn on or off automatically. It comes with a touch-sensitive dimmer slider to dim your lights easily.

Zemismart Humidifier

This humidifier can be controlled using the Smart Life app. It is Wi-FiWi-Fi enabled and can also be controlled by voice. This humidifier has a 300ml water tank and also comes with an aroma diffuser.

GHome Smart LED Light

This is an 8W equivalent light bulb that can be controlled via the Smart Life app and also Amazon Alexa Echo and Google Assistant. So you can just ask Alexa to switch your home bulb on and off.

Smart Light Switch in-wall NewRice

The NewRice switch allows you to control everything from a single-pole light switch from anywhere in your home. You can easily turn on and off your lights, ceiling fans and other fixtures.
In addition, you can also set schedules timers and even track how much energy you use. You can also integrate it with Amazon Alexa for voice control.
This smart switch enables you to control connected fixtures based on your daily schedules and preferences.

Oittm Smart Light switch

The Oittm smart light switch is compatible with the Smart Life app and can be used to turn on and off your smart switches automatically. You can also set schedules like program lights to turn on or off at sunset or even make your lights turn on and off following a pattern even when you are away from home. You can also pair it with Alexa-related devices to control it via voice control.

Smart Life Compatible Devices: Summary

The Smart Life app is an application that is free for all Tuya devices. You can use the smart Life app to control a wide variety of smart devices like switches and light bulbs using your smart device even if you are away from your home.

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