Is Emmiol fast fashion or is it ethical and sustainable? Read on for everything you want to know about the world of fast fashion and Emmiol!

What really is fast fashion? Is it wrong?

Before we get into the question, let me quickly deal with the definition of fast fashion and why it is not recommended for sustainability.

Fast fashion is the term used for the manufacturing and wearing of cheap but trendy clothes, taking design samples from catwalks or celebrity culture. It tries to get the newest styles into the market soon enough to meet consumer demands.

So you may ask, why is trying to be fashionable a bad thing? The fact is that fast fashion makes people discard clothing almost as soon as they purchase it, after just a few wears. It makes people think, that in order to be trendy, you only have to sport the latest looks.

This is seriously wrong from a sustainable perspective because it creates a never-ending cycle of overproduction, overconsumption, and of course pollution. Today, the garment industry influenced by fast fashion trends is one of the biggest contributors to global warming and landfill pollution.

With global warming rates rising fast, we are daily witnesses to the fact the earth’s temperature is already thrown off balance. There are an alarming number of cities flooded all around the world, and countries in drought. Water resources are now precious and raw materials are in demand. We cannot afford to keep using up energy for trivial matters.

Consider this, “Between 2030 and 2050, climate change is expected to cause approximately 250,000 additional deaths per year” This has been reported by the Global Health Observatory. So considering such an alarming prediction, if we follow fast fashion, we are well on the road to our own destruction!
So coming to the question, is Emmiol fast fashion?

What is Emmiol?

Emmiol is an e-commerce fashion company that is based in Hong Kong. It was founded in 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic. Sustainability is one of the policies of Emmiol. They operate largely online and have only one physical store in Hong Kong. Their garment products include female apparel, lingerie, accessories, and make-up.

Lately, Emmiol produces men’s apparel too. They also have unisex clothing lines that range from tees to sweats. Emmiol is very popular among the public due to their fashionable clothing.

Is Emmiol fast fashion? Is it Sustainable?

Emmiol caters to the latest fashion trends and cultures. Yet, what makes them better than most fashion fashion companies is that they practice sustainability to a certain extent.
According to the sustainability plan of the Emmiol website, they give back to the environment what it takes. They try to neutralize their carbon footprint by donating to One Tree Planted. On the 24th of every month, they donate $0.1 of every purchase to the environment.

Emmiol aims to use sustainable packaging for packaging. They aim to use recyclable packaging and utilize sustainable materials for manufacturing their apparel.
They hold Green Day events where they plant trees and promote sustainability.
However, Emmiol does not provide data about the sustainable materials used for their clothing. They promise to be more transparent in the near future.

Emmiol uses non-biodegradable and synthetic fabrics like spandex and blended polyester for their clothing.

In addition, Emmiol manufactures its clothing in bulk and at low costs, keeping in line with the latest fashion trends in the market. So if not for their sustainability policies, one would easily classify Emmiol as fast fashion.

Emmiol is everything you would use to describe fast fashion. Trendy, cheap, and quantitative. They use cheap fabrics and their labor policies are in question too.

Is Emmiol Ethical?

Most conservationists do not consider Emiol ethical. This is mostly because they do not provide adequate information about their raw materials and production line. They are not transparent with their sustainability-conscious consumers. However, Emmiol attempts to disintegrate from the fast fashion industry as much as possible.

Emmiol asserts that they have stringent rules for fair trade and ethical practices among its partner factories. However, there is a serious lack of evidence to support this information.
There is skepticism as to whether Emmiol utilizes child labor for its brands associated with sweatshop labor. It is important to note that they do not have any labor welfare policies on their website. They don’t mention any legal actions or policies in case of the violation of standard labor laws.

Speaking of ethics, their website does confirm that they strictly prohibit the use of leather and fur on their garments. Their clothing is animal-friendly and the company also donates a portion of their profits to the Animal Welfare Association.

So while we cannot assure you that Emmiol is ethical due to lack of supporting evidence, we can still say that Emmiol is cruelty-free.

Is Emmiol Legit?

Emmiol is questionable in terms of fast fashion trends and sustainability. But yes, they are legit and trustworthy. They have 710K followers on Instagram and quick delivery options. With so many followers, they are definitely a reliable site to order clothes from.

However, there has been speculation about the quality of Emiol clothing. They have mixed reviews from consumers, some claiming that the material is cheap quality and ill-fitting while others say that the products are worthy.

Is Emmiol Fast Fashion? The bottom line

Emmiol is everything that you would use to classify a brand as fast fashion. They manufacture clothing in bulk, they are cheap, their labor policies are questionable and they keep with the latest fashion trends. However, what sets them a little apart is their sustainability vows, donating a part of their income to One Tree Planted. They are not your best shopping option in terms of ethics or sustainability. But they are not entirely bad either.

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