This article deals with some of the amazing features of a MyQ garage door, ‘MyQ authentication is insufficient’ issues and how you can fix those errors yourself.

What is a MyQ Garage Door?

MyQ is a company that provides smart garage doors with an accompanying app that helps you access and make security changes to your garage door even when you are away. It allows you to let in the people you need and make certain customized settings to make your life a whole lot easier.

Some of the best features of the MyQ garage door are that you get notified about how many times the door is opened and get alerted if the garage door is left open for a specified amount of time. You can also turn on and off home lighting through the app, even if you are away.

The MyQ garage door also allows you to preset days and times for the garage door to be opened and for the lights to be turned on and off. You can also allow guest access to your known and trusted friends. 

So, considering the need for added security features, having a smart garage door is a necessity. But there are some times when the system fails, and its operation might get stuck. If you see the MyQ ‘authentication is insufficient’ message and have no idea what to do, you are in the right place. Read on for the best ways to fix the issue. 

‘MyQ Authentication is Insufficient’ and How to Fix

Sometimes, your MyQ garage door may show this error message if there is inadequate or no access to the internet. Here are some ways to fix the issue.

Try clearing the MyQ application data.

This is one of the ways you can solve the problem easily. You can easily clear the app data using your mobile device. Clearing past data will refresh the app’s function and can be done through the storage setting. After you delete the past data, close the app and reopen it. In most cases, this simple trick should fix the issue.

Check the internet connection.

Often, this error message comes due to an issue with the internet connection. Try turning off your WiFi router and reboot it. This can streamline network errors and fix any issues with your network.

Your signal could be low.

If your internet signal is low, you can try moving to find a stronger signal for your mobile device. Move closer to your source of WiFi so that the MyQ-installed smart device will work better. Try to stay within at least 20 feet of your router so that the app can function with a strong internet connection. 

Change your internet connection.

If you constantly face issues with your internet connection, then the problem could be with your router or service provider. Try changing your router or contact your service provider to have the issue fixed. Often, solving issues with the internet should fix the ‘authentication is insufficient’ error. 

Fix the permission in your settings.

If you have restricted the app from having access to the internet, then it will not be able to function. Change your settings to allow access to the internet, and see if that solves the issue.

Try removing the VPN.

You may face this authentication issue if you are using the internet through a VPN connection. Removing any VPN apps from your mobile device may solve the issue easily because it interferes with authentication and server connection. 

Try these simple troubleshooting tips

  • Turn off the Bluetooth on your mobile device and turn it on again. 
  • Turn off WiFi on your mobile device and turn it on again
  • Restart your mobile phone in case it has got stuck


MyQ Authentication is Insufficient: Summary of fixes. 

Most often, you will get the MyQ authentication is insufficient error message if there are problems with the internet connection. You can fix these issues easily by checking your connection, rebooting the router, or clearing your past app data.

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