What Can I Do with My Old Handbags?

Fashion trends change every day. You might have squandered thousands of dollars on a chic Louis Vuitton or Gucci handbag that was the latest in fashion five years ago. But when there is another new style in trend, we no longer want to be seen with the old ones. And so, you end up with too many handbags which you will never use and don’t have space for.

And one day, when your closet is bursting full with old handbags, you think: What can I do with my old handbags? What can I do with handbags that are in perfectly good condition but which I cannot wear because it’s old-fashioned? I can’t just chuck them in the bin because somehow I feel too sentimentally attached to them.  

No, you cannot throw them into the bin. And instead, read on for some amazing ideas to re-purpose old handbags!

7 Brilliant Ideas to Re-purpose Old Handbags

1. Donate Them

I’m sorry if this seemed too obvious. But a handbag that you can’t use because it’s out of fashion can still mean a lot to someone who cannot afford to buy a handbag at all. Sometimes when the bag you have is of really cheap quality and is tattered, there is really nothing to do but throw them away. But when you are stuck with a good quality branded bag, the best thing you can do is to donate them.

You can look for needy people who might make good use of it or just put up a post about your handbag with photos on social media. You will be surprised at how many are eager to lay their hands on it. And you can enjoy that wonderful afterglow of having helped someone! 

2. Sell Them

If your handbags are still in good condition and none the worse for wear, then you can sell them easily. Advertise the on social media or eBay with some good photographs, or you can take them to a second-hand store. But be careful to quote reasonable prices for them. Nobody likes paying exorbitant prices for used items unless they are in excellent condition. A branded bag will get you much more profit than a regular handbag. 

3. Upcycle them

When you can no longer use your handbag as a fashion accessory, you can use them to carry or store other essentials. Here are some ideas

  • Use it as a gym bag to store your gym kit and equipment.
  • Turn it into a first-aid kit to store medicines, Band-Aids, cotton wool and other first-aid essentials. 
  • Use it to store your make-up kit and everything else you need to look good. You can just take it with you when you are on a day out. 
  • Turn it into a diaper bag. It’s useful to have a separate diaper bag to take with you when you go out with your baby.
  • A good quality leather bag can be used to store your household tools like hammers and spanners or gardening tools. 

4. Re-decorate them

If you no longer want to be seen with the same old handbag, you can change the way it looks and trick people into believing that it’s a different one! Try embroidering the bag with some pretty patterns, or decorate them with beads and pearls. You can also stick some faux fur to it and jazz it up for the winter season. Here are a few ways to decorate them.

5. Recycle them

If your old handbags are worn out and not useful to you anymore, it does not mean that you have to chuck them away. If none of the options above seem plausible to you, then try to recycle them.

Recycling handbags depends on the type of material they are made of. Many recycling organizations specialize in recycling used items. So you can consult them for some ideas. 

6. Disassemble and DIY them

If you like DIY, you can search the internet for hundreds of ideas on Google and Pinterest to transform your old handbag into amazing DIY products for your home. You can use the leather as cushion covers, table mats and rugs, pencil cases, book covers, sandals and much more. The possibilities are endless! You can also use old handbags to create a hanging garden on your balcony! It all depends on your creativity and some hard work. 

7. Decorate your walls with them.

If the biggest reason why you want to get rid of your handbags is the lack of space, then you can try re-arranging the. If they are taking up too much space in your closet, then try installing some hooks on your walls and arrange them in a nice way. You can also turn them into wall art and use them to store your good.what can i do with my old handbags

So What Can I Do with My Old Handbags? Conclusion

Old handbags don’t necessarily have to be thrown away. You can sell them or donate them. Or you can also upcycle and make use of them in many ways. Pinterest and Google will offer you many DIY options to make the best use of your old handbags. Whatever you remember that throwing them away will only pollute the environment, waste resources, and collect in landfills. Please DON’T buy a new handbag until you have figured out what to do with your old ones. 

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