What is the difference between a Swiffer and a Cuban mop? Which one is better and more efficient? Read on for the grimy details!

What is a Swiffer?

Swiffer is a brand of cleaning products, including mops, that is based in America. They have a marketing claim that says, “There is a Swiffer for every need.” Swiffer products include various innovative dusters, sweepers and mops. 

Swiffer mops have a spray and clean system that can easily remove any type of mess on the floor, be it tea stains or your dog’s pee. 

Swiffer has an amazing wet jet starter kit that comes with a floor cleaner, a power mop (batteries included) and mopping pads. You can just spray the solution you want and get mopping easily. 

Swiffer has specialized mops for wooden flooring, vinyl flooring, tiles and laminate and also a multi-surface cleaning mop kit. 

While everything you need initially comes with the cleaning kits, consumers usually have to continue purchasing refills, pads and cleaning solutions over the lifespan of the product. 

What is the Cuban Mop?

The Cuban mop is named that way because it’s more widely used in Cuba than in America. The design of a Cuban mop compared to the Swiffer is incredibly simple. It is a T-shaped stick of wood which users drape a towel or cloth at the end to mop up the floor. 

To use, you can buy a Cuban mop (a t-shaped wood that is meant for mopping or you can even improvise and make your own easily. Lay a towel or cloth on the floor and wrap it around the wood, as shown in this video. 

What is the difference between a Swiffer and a Cuban mop?

Comparing a Swiffer and Cuban mop is like comparing a car to a horse. The differences between them are so many.

Firstly, the biggest difference is their design. The design of a Swiffer is fairly complex. It has an in-built spraying system and an easy-to-use mechanism. But the design of a Cuban mop is so simple that you can even make one at home with two sticks of wood. 

Secondly and more importantly, the Cuban mop is eco-friendlier and sustainable. The Cuban mop is the best option for those who want a zero-waste alternative. This mop does not need the energy to operate and batteries like a Swiffer but relies on man-power. You also don’t need to buy an endless amount of disposable mop pads and pollute the environment with them. You can easily use a used t-shirt or an old towel to wrap around the end of a Cuban mop. 

A Swiffer comes with a cleaning liquid that is not natural or environment-friendly. They are toxic not only to you but also to the environment. 

The best part about a Swiffer is that it’s easy to use. A Swiffer really does make cleaning an easy task for those who are always busy and on the go. With a Swiffer, you can mop without getting your hands dirty. 

But the convenience comes with a price. Not only are you spending significantly more money in purchasing a Swiffer kit, but you also have to keep spending on cleaning liquid refills and mop pads. Also, consider the cost of a Swiffer mop to the environment. Is the pollution caused worthwhile?                               

What about the cleaning abilities of a Cuban mop? You’ll be surprised to know that it cleans just as well as a Swiffer. They are perfect for all types of flooring, whether vinyl, tile or wooden. You can choose to use a pre-made natural floor cleaning solution and use this to clean effectively.

Natural Floor cleaning solution for your Cuban mop

Mix together

  • 2 cups of warm water
  • ½ cup white vinegar
  • ¼ cup of rubbing alcohol or isopropyl
  • Three drops of liquid dish soap
  • And a few drops of essential oil if you need it.

This mixture is perfect for cleaning all types of flooring except for stone floors.

What is the difference between a Swiffer and a Cuban mop? Summary

The most important difference between a Swiffer and a Cuban mop is sustainability. A Swiffer needs constant refills of cleaning liquid and disposable mop pads. But a Cuban mop is wooden and has a simple design. It can easily be made at home and mopped using an old towel or t-shirt.

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