Why is it important to replace a zipper?

When zippers don’t function smoothly or if they break, don’t throw away that pair of jeans or jacket. Try to fix the zipper, and if you can’t, you can replace it.

Replacing zippers is important because it prevents you from unnecessarily discarding usable clothing. If you don’t have the habit of mending clothes for minor tears and broken zips, you are contributing to the ever-increasing landfill pollution.

A broken zipper replacement might seem like a minute matter to you, but small reusing and recycling practices like this can go a long way in saving energy and reducing global warming. Reusing clothes reduces pollution, saves water, and, in the long run, even promises you a healthier lifestyle. This is because human beings are closely woven within the natural ecosystem. If we waste the earth’s resources and harm the planet, we will face the consequences and harm ourselves in return.

So how much does it cost to replace a zipper in the United States?

The short answer is that it varies. It varies according to the type of zipper, the state in which you live, and the type of clothing for which you need the zipper replacement.

But before you inquire about the price, make sure that you really do need a zipper replacement. Sometimes, it could be just a case of a broken slide. If the zipper slide is broken, you can easily buy one of the same sizes at the store and replace it yourself. It would cost you much less than replacing the entire zipper.

So once you have made sure that you really do need a zipper replacement, the next step is to buy a zipper of the same size and color which you want. If you take it to a tailor or seamstress, chances are that she wouldn’t buy it for you. She would probably want to buy the zipper to be replaced and bring it to her.

A zip would cost you anywhere between $2 to $15 or even more. It all depends on the type and size of the zipper you need.

So once you have your zipper in hand, you must be wondering how much it would cost to have it replaced. A zipper replacement would cost you anywhere between $8 to $75 or more.

Some zipper replacements are more complicated than others and difficult to sew. The original zips first have to be removed carefully. And then, the replacement zip has to be sewn back. If you can sew,  read the tutorials below to try and replace the zipper by yourself. This would cost you much less.

How to replace a broken zipper on jeans

How to replace a broken zipper on a jacket

Believe it or not, sometimes zipper replacements even cost much more than the jacket. If the jacket is too old and not worth repairing, then donate or give it to a fabric recycling center and buy a new one for yourself. You can also turn the jacket into other DIY projects and save the world from some pollution!

How much does it cost to replace a zipper? Summary

The cost of replacing a zipper can vary anywhere between $8 to $75 or even more. The exact cost really depends on the type of zipper, the type of clothing that needs the replacement and the state in which you live. Before you decide that you need a zipper replacement, make sure that it’s not just a problem with the zipper slide. Replacing a zipper slide is easy and costs much less than replacing the entire zipper.

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