PET Bales

How do recycling plants separate materials

PET bales are used to manufacture monofilament and recycled polyester yarn.

When you buy a bale of PET, it’s made up of various types of plastic. You can use these different types to make your material in several ways. For example, you can melt down the individual pieces and use them as raw materials for making polymer pellets or glue. Or, if you’re looking to create a new type of material, you could combine all the different types into one big piece that can then be melted down and used to create your final product.

The best thing about PET bales for this purpose is that they have been pre-treated, so they won’t break apart easily when heated up during production processes like extrusion or injection molding. This makes them perfect for creating toys or other products that require strong materials without further refinement or processing afterward!

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