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How does recycling work?

Recycling is a process that turns waste products into new products. The first step in recycling is awareness. This can be done through recycling bins at home or by using plastic bags to bring your recyclable items to the curb for pickup.

Collection: Once people are aware of their area’s recyclables and have brought them to the curb, they are ready for collection services. Mechanical recycling: Mechanical recycling processes different materials from their original forms, such as paper or plastic, into smaller pieces that can be reused for other purposes or sent for reprocessing. Some mechanical recycling companies do not use chemicals or energy to separate materials from their original forms but instead use an automatic device called an “extruder.”

Microfinancing: Recycling companies often partner with local community organizations to provide microloans that help small businesses start up or expand their operations through recycling projects like developing facilities, buying equipment, etc…