What to do with Old Vans?

What to do with Old Vans

Do you have a pair of old Vans shoes that you don’t wear anymore? Don’t just toss them away! Many creative and environmentally-friendly ways exist to repurpose and recycle your old Vans shoes. Whether donating to charity, upcycling for a fresh look, or responsibly recycling, this guide will show you how to give your old kicks a new life.

Donating to Charity

When your Vans shoes have seen better days but are still wearable, consider donating them to a local charity or thrift store. This act helps those in need and contributes to minimizing waste. Look for organizations that accept gently-used shoes to ensure your shoes find a new home and continue to be of use.

Upcycling and Repurposing

If you’re feeling crafty, upcycling your old Vans shoes is a fantastic way to breathe new life into them. From a simple clean-up to more elaborate transformations, the possibilities are endless. Spruce them up with fresh laces and a thorough clean, or take it up by experimenting with fabric paints, markers, and even a hot glue gun. Your old Vans could become a canvas for your imagination!


When your Vans shoes have reached the end of their wearable life, don’t just throw them away. Look for recycling programs offered by shoe manufacturers like Vans or local recycling centers. These programs ensure your shoes are properly disposed of, and materials are repurposed for other uses, helping to reduce the strain on landfills and the environment.


What to do with Old Vans

Consider selling your old Vans shoes if you want to declutter and make a few bucks. Online platforms like eBay or Depop provide a marketplace for pre-loved items, including shoes. Alternatively, you can explore local consignment shops that specialize in second-hand fashion. Selling your old shoes not only benefits your wallet but also offers someone else the opportunity to enjoy them.


What Can I Do With My Old Van Shoes?

There are numerous options:

  • Donate them to charity.
  • Sell them online or locally.
  • Upcycle them into creative projects.
  • Recycle them through designated programs.
  1. Is There a Way to Recycle Van Shoes?

Absolutely! Many shoe manufacturers have recycling initiatives that accept old shoes for repurposing. Local recycling centers and organizations may also take used shoes for recycling.

How Should I Clean My Old Van Shoes Before Donating?

Clean them well with gentle soap, a soft cloth, and a brush. Remove laces and wash them separately. Let the shoe air dry thoroughly before donating.

What Art Projects Can I Make With Old Van Shoes?

Create sculptures, wall hangings, and jewelry or use them as a base for unique paintings. Your old Vans can be transformed into almost anything you can imagine.

Can I Sell My Old Van Shoes?

Yes, you can! Utilize online platforms or local consignment shops to sell your gently-used Vans shoes and make some extra cash.

How Can I Find Charities That Accept Donations of Old Van Shoes?

Research local charities, shelters, and churches that accept shoe donations. National organizations focusing on giving back also accept old shoes for those in need.


Your old Vans shoes don’t have to meet their end in a landfill. By donating, upcycling, recycling, or selling, you can positively impact the environment and contribute to a more sustainable future. Get creative, think outside the shoebox, and give your old Vans shoes a second chance to shine!

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