What is Well Earth Goods?

Well Earth is a homegrown and family-run business based in Southern Oregon. They were started by the couple Jocelynn and Lee Anderson. What makes Well Earth Goods so special is that they specialize in commercial products that are environmentally friendly and 100% plastic-free.

The e-commerce store encourages a more sustainable lifestyle through their products that emphasize on durability, minimalism and aesthetics.

The Well Earth Goods store offers a wide variety of eco-friendly products that are greatly welcomed by nature lovers. Here are some of their products that are my personal favorites!

The Best Products from Well Earth Goods

1. Well Earth Laundry Detergent Strips

One of the biggest reasons why anyone would want to ditch regular laundry detergent powders and liquids is because they are toxic for consumers and harmful to the environment. They contain chemicals like Nonylphenol Ethoxylates, UV optical brighteners, Sodium Laurate Sulphate, artificial fragrances etc.

One of the best things I love about the Laundry detergent strips from Well Earth is that it is clean and toxic-free. They don’t have harmful chemicals and bleaches. And they are also vegan and bio-degradable. They come in eco-friendly cardboard packaging and are a great alternative to the harsh chemical cleaners we are so used to.

What is more amazing is that just half of the laundry detergent strip can clean a whole load of clothes. And to all those who are skeptical about using simple strips to clean clothes, yes, the clothes do come out clean!

2. Zero Waste Dishwashing Block Soap

I know most people use liquid cleaners for dishwashing, but soap blocks work great too. What is so amazing about this Zero Waste block soap from Well Earth is not only that it comes in plastic-free packaging, but it is also clean and toxic-free for your hands.

The soap is so clean that you can just dive into dishwashing without putting on those gloves. And in addition, the soap block lasts much longer than dishwashing liquid, and the product is vegan too!

3. Toothpaste Tablets by Unpaste

The Toothpaste tablets by Unpaste are completely natural toothpaste alternatives. And they have products with and without fluoride too. There is no longer a plastic tube that needs to be thrown away, and popping in a tablet is so much more convenient than using paste. You just have to take a tablet, pop it in your mouth, crunch and brush!

It does not have that weird after-toothpaste feeling, and your teeth really do feel cleaner. And again, they are vegan, too, so you can pop them in with a clean conscience.

4. Plastic-free Coconut Dish Scour Pads

Having come from a tropical country, I am familiar with using coconut fiber for scouring pots and pans. While they are 100% natural and toxic-free, I have to admit they are not always effective or practical.

But when I came across these coconut dish-scour pads at Well Earth, I was over the moon. They work so well in cleaning tough food remains, and they are very convenient too. Works well with the dishwashing block soap too!

5. Zero Waste Cotton Swabs

I feel this product is very important among well-earth goods for whoever uses cotton swabs for just about everything. The sticks are not plastic but wooden and bio-degradable, so no matter how many you use, you are not polluting the environment. They come in cardboard packaging that is toxic and plastic-free. I also found that the cotton swabs were much more durable and steady than the ones that come with plastic sticks.


6. Not Paper Towels

These are 100% cotton and natural flannel towels that are best for environmental-friendly home-makers. They are fully bio-degradable and do not shrink in the cycle. They are 10×10” sized towels that come in a pack of 12. They also come in 8 different colors.
Not-paper towels come really handy in the kitchen, from wiping up spills to wiping hands and counters. These towels are a great alternative to paper towels. They are easy to wash and dry and zero-waste too.

7. Organic light roast coffee

The light-roasted coffee from Well Earth Goods is one of the best things about life. The coffee smells amazing and tastes very flavorful. These are one of the best products sold by Well Earth that I keep ordering again and again.

Well Earth Goods Review: Conclusion

Well Earth Goods is a home-based e-commerce store that specializes in selling goods that are plastic-free and zero-waste. They also sell many vegan-only products. Well Earth is an amazing place to order for eco-friendly Mammas looking for a more organic and clean lifestyle in the toxic world of today.

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