Sustainability is all about recycling and reusing what we have at home so that we can minimize the consumption of materials and create zero waste. If you are in need of a spray bottle, don’t run to the store. A quick look around your kitchen or basement will provide many options to recycle. Here are some of the best 7 spray bottle alternative choices for you

Spray Bottle Alternative Choices for You

1. Make a spray bottle out of a glass bottle.

Making a spray bottle is quite simple. You can use any glass bottle, from empty vinegar bottles to milk bottles, for this. You only need a small pump that fits the neck of the glass bottle. You can buy this from a hardware store, or you can use the pump from another spray bottle.
Attach the pump to the bottle well with tape or glue after you fill the body with the liquid you want.

2. Make a spray bottle from a plastic bottle.

If you are looking for a spray bottle for watering your plants, you can make one easily from an empty plastic bottle. Plastic bottles that are thin and flexible are the best for this.
Simply wash the bottle well with clean water and remove all labels. Take the lid of the bottle and puncture it with small holes. Then, fill the bottle with water and screw the lid tightly in place.
Squeeze the bottle over the plants for a perfect spray of water. Just be careful not to overwater your plants!

3. Make a Spray Bottle Out of a Water Bottle

Making a spray bottle out of a water bottle is pretty easy. Just fit the empty water bottle with a pump and screw on the lid. Secure it in place with strong tape after you insert the liquid. Your spray bottle is good to go!

4. Use an empty syringe.

If you are looking for a small-sized spray bottle, an empty syringe might just do the trick. A syringe will squirt water over a more precise area than a spray bottle and will need refills more often, though.


5. Create a Spray Nozzle for your garden hose.

If there are a lot of plants to water in your garden, then the easiest option for you would be to make a spray nozzle for your garden hose. Simply fit the hose with an empty water bottle and puncture the bottle with small holes.

Once you turn on the water, the pressure will make the water spray in many directions and water your plants beautifully. But remember to secure the bottle to the hose well with strong tape, or the water pressure will throw out the bottle. You can hold the neck of the bottle over the candle so that the plastic will melt and fit the hose more securely.

Spray bottle alternative: conclusion

Spray bottles are expensive, and they also tend to break too quickly. So it’s always wiser and more sustainable to create your own spray bottle at home using a pump and glass bottle or an empty plastic bottle.

And, of course, you can be saved from the hassle of making your own spray bottle if you save up all the bottles that come with spray lids. Many types of cleaning liquids, like glass cleaners and tile cleaners, come with attached spray nozzles. Once the liquids are over, don’t throw away these bottles. Wash them well and reuse them as spray bottles.

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