Sadly, microplastics end up in our tap water and can be very harmful if consumed. So it is very important to use a water filter that effectively removes microplastics and makes it safe for drinking. Does Zero Water filter remove microplastics? Read on to know what microplastics are and if a Zero water filter does remove them.

What are Microplastics, and why are they dangerous?

Microplastics are plastics that are very small in size. You may already know that plastic cannot be decomposed by nature. But instead, they break down into tiny pieces and end up in the soil, ocean or groundwater.

Microplastics are plastic pieces that are smaller than 5 millimeters in size. Microplastic pollution is indeed serious because humans and animals consume them on a daily basis through their drinking water and food and are completely unaware.

And as there are many different types of plastic, there are many different types of microplastics too. There is no one straightforward solution to the problem, but the least we can do is filter our water before we consume it.

Microplastics are so small that they are often even inhaled. It is estimated that people inhale, eat and drink 100,000 to 120,000 microplastics annually. And even bottled water is not an exception because often they are contaminated by microplastic pieces in the plastic bottle or cap itself.

Did you know about plastic soup? The plastic soup is nothing close to healthy. In fact, it is a gigantic soup of microplastic pollution that has ended up in the ocean due to environmental malpractices and the selfish negligence of human beings.

All plastic items like plastic bags and bottles are contributors to microplastics. Even products like skin care cosmetics, scrubs and toothpaste are major contributors of microplastics.

Microplastics can be very dangerous to our health when consumed in large amounts. It has been found that human immune cells are depleted due to this, and they even damage the lungs.

The smaller the microplastic pieces, the more difficult they are to detect and study their effects on health. Tiny particles will be easily distributed throughout the body and affect normal functioning.

Most of our microplastic consumption comes from drinking unfiltered water. So it is crucial to use a water filter that removes microplastics from our water effectively. So does Zero water filter remove microplastics?

Does Zero water filter remove microplastics from drinking water?

The answer is yes! Zero water filter does remove microplastics from drinking water due to their effective cleansing technology.

The Zero water filter system has many different filter options. Their premium 5-stage Ion Exchange Water Filtration System is much more effective in cleaning microscopic microplastic pieces than their standard two-stage water filter.

The filtered water by Zero Water filter system was tested by an independently certified external laboratory, and the microplastics were found to be removed effectively by at least 99.9%. The test results were based on the NSF/ANSI test protocol of flow-through equipment for contaminants that are listed under the national primary drinking water standards.

The premium 5-stage Ion Exchange Water Filtration System is highly effective in removing water pollution and all types of dissolved solids. Read this for more details on how the Zero water filtrations system works.

Does Zero Water Filter Remove Microplastics: Conclusion

Yes, Zero water filter removes 99% of the microplastics present in tap water. Their premium 5-stage Ion exchange water filtration system is very useful in removing dissolved solids and microscopic pollutants like microplastics.

Using a good filter to remove microplastics from drinking water is crucial. The harmful effects of microplastics have not yet been studied deeply enough because they are difficult to detect and analyze. And at the same time, it does mean that it is safe for us.

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