OGL Move Sustainability is a clothing brand based in China that proclaims an incredible approach to environmentally friendly clothing options. From sustainable packaging to sustainable clothing material, OGL Move productions might have been the solution to all that clothing piles that fill up landfills.

But, many find OGL Move’s sustainability standards questionable. Let me first start with everything OGL Move boasts about and how we can determine whether they are legitimately sustainable or just greenwashing their production.

The OGL Move Sustainability Claims

OGL Move is a clothing store that might not have gained so many unpopular reviews had they not broadcasted sustainability in production.

They claim that their materials and fabrics are manufactured from a closed-loop system where their clothing is reused and recycled. They provide plastic-free and biodegradable packaging. Their clothing, too, is supposedly bio-degradable and compostable.

They also advertise providing employment for differently abled people by connecting with an NGO and providing them with the necessary skills, training and education.

Furthermore, OGL Move donates 1% of its income to non-profit organizations that strive to help the environment. They also value transparency in their production processes and manufacturing.

But is everything they claim true? Is this brand of clothing a safe place for nature lovers to shop to their heart’s content?

Is OGL Move Sustainability Claims Greenwashed?

To make this clear, greenwashing is when a company or brand focuses more on marketing how sustainable they are rather than being sustainable in their choices and actions. They intend to get more people to buy their products by convincing them that they are being sustainable and smart.

Here is a more detailed article about greenwashing and how it works.

OGL Move has made many sustainability claims that are greenwashed and totally baseless. None of their claims of being completely natural, eco-friendly and bio-degradable are legitimate.

Firstly, they claim to use 100% bio-degradable material. For any material to be completely bio-degradable, they have to be made from cotton or natural sources. But all materials at OGL Move contain a mixture of synthetic fibers, plastic and cotton. They mix cotton with rayon, spandex and viscose. So clearly, their materials are not 100% biodegradable. They are no different from the regular clothes you would find at any store.

The OGL Move website also claims to use recycled materials in their clothes. But a further look into the composition of their materials will show that they do not use recycled fibers in their clothes whatsoever.

Moreover, they do not prove sustainability in their production process, in the manufacturing of the fibers, their use of energy and how they manage waste. Repeating terms like ‘sustainable,’’ eco-friendly’ and ‘natural’ just reinforces the fact that they are guilty of greenwashing their brand.

Also, being a member of the 1% for the Planet initiative does not make them completely sustainable either.

And lastly, their plastic-free packaging may actually be soluble in water. But is it really worth using plastic-free soluble packaging for shipping all over the world?

Eco-friendly packaging is one of the best ways a brand advertises its claims on sustainability. But, this may be an instance to compromise. Because when clothes are shipped in packaging that can be easily soluble and damaged, the clothing itself is damaged. And with it, we have wasted the energy and materials that went into the production process.

OGL Move Sustainability: Conclusion

OGL Move is one of those brands that promote themselves as sustainable in order to have a better reach in the market when they are as green as they claim. So beware of ‘greenwashed’ brands like that. Research and look into the production process, their ingredients and if they have any proof for their claims before you fall for the scam and end up making wrong shopping choices.

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