The Rice University Urban Sustainability Academy: Introduction

The Urban Sustainability Academy is one of the Envision by Worldstride programs. This is an amazing course that enables some of the best students from across the nation to explore ideas and interests outside the classroom.

The Rice University Urban Sustainability Academy is a 10-day conference that includes various activities, workshops, and research that connect with conversationalists around the world.

The Rice University Urban Sustainability Academy is specially designed for those who are interested in aligning their futures with environmental conservation and eco-friendly innovations. It includes everything you need to know about sustainability in the 21st century and how you can work towards it from some of those who are at the forefront of the field.

The 10-day program is conducted on the premises of Rice University, Houston, TX. Currently, the tuition fee for the program costs $3,795, including boarding room, lectures, simulations, curriculum and materials. Here are some important highlights of the Urban Sustainability Academy.

What Will You Learn at the Rice University Urban Sustainability Academy?

Learn everything about bio-diversity and sustainability

This program will teach you everything about the importance of biodiversity and the effects of Urban development. Further, you learn about green infrastructure and how design thinking and conservation can be integrated.
You will also take an analysis of how the Urban World has reacted to sustainability and what role urban bio-diversity plays in green infrastructure.

You will learn the true nature of going green.

This is the best opportunity to learn about green ideas and business ventures and how sustainability can be effectively introduced to the corporate world. This also includes a project-based exploration of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and how it relates to sustainability, charity, health, ethics and governance.

Highly immersive and interactive skill development

The Urban Sustainability Academy also provides a lot of interactive sessions and challenges that will help us in our careers and at home. There will be hands-on biodiversity assessments where you will be required to collect data on grasses, trees, insects and bio-diversity.

You will also learn about what the criteria are for National Park Cities, and you will also be required to present a recommendation for the Build Houston 2030 workshop for Rice University.

At the end of the program, you will also be able to make a documentary based on your personal experience and everything you learned about sustainability.

Learn how to leave a cleaner carbon footprint.

The Urban Sustainability Academy is an excellent choice for environmentalists as it provides a lot of practical knowledge. You will visit many national Parks and eco-diverse places like the Houston Arboretum, the Harris County Flood Control District’s Bioswale Park and also the Buffalo Bayou Park.

Here, you will learn about the local conservation efforts, interact with professionals and also learn about career opportunities in the world of environmental science.
While at the university, you will have exclusive access to their research lab and be able to conduct your own research on conservation.

Who is the Urban Sustainability Academy for?

If you are passionate about nature and the measures taken to combat and minimize pollution, then yes, the course is for you.

The program is intended for high school students who are looking for a career in Environmental Sustainability and Biodiversity. Students are mostly nominated by educators, and only a limited number of students are accepted through the competitive application process.

Try submitting your application today if you are not nominated and are still very interested in the program.

The Rice University Urban Sustainability Academy: Summary

The Rice University Urban Sustainability Academy is powered by Envision, one of the best possible programs for those interested in pursuing a career in sustainability. It is a ten-day program that is highly interactive and educational about the latest technology and innovations in sustainability. Entrance to this program is usually through nomination by educators. But if you were not nominated, you can also try submitting an application and gain entrance through their highly competitive admission process.

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